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I say that after training with him for over ten years. Eric is gifted. He can always tell if there’s more to be gained by pushing forward or taking a break. That’s from his ability to read the physiology. Of course, his being a Doctor of Physical Therapy almost uniquely positions him to take those readings. But then there’s the very critical psychological aspect of training. I’ve told Eric I come into the gym—and I think others must too—in one of three zones: (1) resisting the training; (2) accepting the training or (3) owning the training. His remarkable synergy of being super personable while highly motivating usually moves me to the next higher zone. Always I leave the workout awash in those incredible, buoying endorphins for the rest of my day. My body is stronger and more resilient than when we started training.
I don’t foresee a time when I’m not going to seek the benefit of Eric’s training and support. I recommend—with no hesitation at all—that others give Eric a try and experience his uniquely supportive and motivating training.